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About Eileen

by Paula Malone

Eileen was destined to be an amazing mother. The eldest daughter of 10 children, she was born Eileen Theresa Marie on April 30, 1932 in Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada to Albertine and Albert Gauthier. She joined her two older brothers, Ernie and Russell. The little family of five began to grow when Sylvia was born, four years later. She was followed by Lloyd then Stan. Sadly, when Lloyd was just a toddler, he was tragically killed in a vehicle accident. He was like Eileen’s baby, and she and the family mourned him deeply. The family then moved to Sudbury, where Lorraine was born, and Grandpa Gauthier worked in the coal mines. Finally, the family moved to Hamilton, where Sharon, Paul and Jim were born, and the Gauthier family was complete.

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Internment Ceremony

Cemetery of the Holy Sepulcher

1 o'clock in the afternoon September 30th, 2017

A ceremony in which Eileen's ashes will be interned. Family and friends are welcome to join us at the cemetery. A Celebration of Life will follow immediately (see below for details).

7845 E Santiago Canyon Rd, Orange, CA 92869


of Life

Malone Family Home

Immediately following internment September 30th, 2017

All who knew and loved Eileen or wish to support the family are welcome. If you plan on attending, please use the form below or contact us to us know.

7922 E Santa Cruz Ave Orange CA 92869



  • You may not know this but I am named after Eileen! Growing up, we knew her as Aunt Terrie rather than Eileen. My middle name is Theresa and my mother, Sylvia was never shy of reminding me of my connection to auntie. I believe Eileen was as close as anyone was to my mom. I know Sylvia often spoke of her sister in fondness and with pride. I can remember how excited she would get to visit with you - a feeling which certainly caught up with me as well!

    I can recall many great outings and visits with my cousins and of course Uncle Bob who was certainly one of my favorite Uncles. I recall how touched my mom was by some small thing Eileen had done for her - whether gift or deed, she loved her sister. This was clear to me. One memory I have of Eileen had to do with her answer to a rather cheeky question I had, upon entering a sparkling all white living room I asked how did she keep it so clean? Leaning in towards me she replied - straight as can be - she said " easy! Don't spill anything " and laughed, I'll not forget the look in her eyes as they twinkled with mischief! Of course there are many other things I recall, like when, as a very young child, I came to visit in Oregon and fell ill and how kind and concerned, how gently she treated me. I was so scared after being ill on her furniture. All she was worried about was that I would feel better. I had expected to be in deep trouble, but instead she very tenderly washed my face and brought me to bed. I never forgot how well she treated me that visit - my first time away from home, on a plane by myself. She treated me like I was family. Another first for me!

    Rest in Peace Auntie. I hope you and Sylvia are sitting again, poolside, enjoying each others company once more.

    Andrea Nellis
  • Nothing can replace the only person you called mom. As you carry her love for you she will be with you always. Each day will get a little easier but the ache never goes away.

    Whenever I try to decorate, I think of your mom and the look she would give me when something just wasn't quite right with my choices. Makes me smile.

    Peggy Chase
  • It feels strange sending a text, after something so significant happened. My heart is very heavy with yours. Eileen was a lovely woman. I have very fond memories of her helping me remodel my condo in 2005. That was a big change in my life, shortly after my divorce, and she was so wonderful. Such a sense of humor she had, and I needed that.

    I will always remember her as a smiling woman, full of fun and perhaps a little mischief. She had a twinkle in her eye. I'm thankful that you were able to be with her at the very end. She knows how much you loved her, that is certain. I am sending you all my thoughts and prayers, today and going forward. Grateful too, for the memories we shared together.

    Love Missy

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